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Audition Page

Allow us on this audition page to inform you about the technology required for an Internet presence and introduce you to our service.
The web site layout and design influences a visitor's decision to read on or exit the site.
However, there are many other factors affecting a website's success rate. You are visiting this page. This means our web promotion is working. Your website is performing well when people can find it. Read more about Website promotion .

Do you not have time to search for information?
We can perform the necessary research on the web to make your job easier.

For our audition please follow these links:

Our method for creating the best designed webpages:
Form and structure.

Look at our digital photography: Pictures from Hamilton. (in swedish)

Read more about the Internet, HTML, style sheets, SSI, interactive pages, images and colours.

We like text pop-up windows and picture pop-up windows .
They make stylish pages but they are unfortunately not printer friendly.

find out more here:
website audits, presentations, translations and research assistance.




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November 9, 2008

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